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Angels of hope

A monthly donation of a minimum of $ 300.00 DOP

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Food, expendable material and cleaning products.

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FACCI provee gratuitamente una serie de programas de ayuda a los niños con cáncer de la fundación. Estos son:

Blood Bank

Pursuing our mission that no child die for cancer, this new year we will focus on reducing the 18% of deaths that corresponds to late diagnoses, infections and lack of blood products in time, blood and platelets. Therefore, this 2018 we are carrying out a new project that we know as the Mobile Unit of FACCI. With this, we seek to supply the urgent need for blood and platelets presented by children with cancer as a result of chemotherapy treatment. Particularly we can emphasize those children who come from all over the country and do not have the economic resources to pay for a unit of blood, nor do they know people in the city to whom they ask for a voluntary donation of the same.

The Blood Donation is an act of love that promotes solidarity, since it can only be obtained from human beings. It is not an article that is sold, hence the need that exists in the country to have blood on time. There are many lives that we can save with this simple gesture that allows us to share life, fostering caring for others and community cohesion.

“Brothers of Blood”

It is an initiative that had the foundation to guarantee blood and platelets to children

  • An effort to raise awareness about the voluntary blood donation that was born in 2014.
  • It strengthens its importance by knowing the statistics on the number of deaths we have in children with cancer due to the lack of blood products (blood and platelets) on time. (18%)
  • Patients who attend the children’s hospital come from all over the country, find it difficult to find blood donors on time and it is families that do not have economic resources.
  • HIRRC supplies blood for free.