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FACCI provee gratuitamente una serie de programas de ayuda a los niños con cáncer de la fundación. Estos son:

Palliative Care directed by Dr. Wendy Gómez

This program includes a set of attentions that identify and treat suffering in children with serious illnesses, advanced or lack of response to treatment, their families and the teams that care for them.

It is a non-curative treatment option for those patients who require special assistance for symptom control or pain management.

Formed by:

  • A trained paliativita nurse, a psychologist and two volunteers.
  • Stock of supportive drugs and for pain control of conventional and / or complex management.
  • Transportation expenses.
  • Support for 24/7 telephone communication with families for managing symptoms and emergencies.
  • Support for the provision of medical devices (oxygen tanks, nebulizers, wheelchairs) when necessary.

They offer:

  • Special nutritional support for children (monthly family baskets).
  • Passage expenses for patients and their companions to go to the hospital for follow-up visits.
  • Socio-economic support in order to provide quality of life, timely accompaniment, and try to fulfill small desires that fill them with hope and peace during this difficult period of life for children.